Welcome to the CyberViz Research Lab!


The CyberViz Laboratory at the TSU Interdisciplinary Graduate Engineering Research Institute (TIGER) of Tennessee State University has been established to be one of the leading laboratories in research and education of cyber security and security visualization. The CyberViz laboratory includes strong and diverse expertise as well as state-of-the-art facilities to address critical cyber security and visualization problems of high societal-impact. The CyberViz offers a unique environment to facilitate joint R&D programs with government agencies, academia, and industry. The main objective of CyberViz is to enable assurable and usable security and privacy for smart open society by making cyber defense provable, enforceable, measurable, and automated.

CyberViz includes many faculties from various departments at TSU and external collaborators who cover wide range cyber security expertise including intrusion detection, anomaly detection, cloud auditing, threat/fault diagnosis, risk management, applied cryptology, privacy, DB security, wireless security, data mining, and visualization. Our research application domains range from data, applications, end-systems and network security, to critical infrastructure monitoring and protection.

Employment Opportunities

Post-doctoral Fellowship in Cyber Security


The CyberViz Laboratory is located in the College of Engineering, Tennessee State University (TSU), Office #214D, Torrence Hall, Tennessee State University, 3500 John A. Merritt Blvd, Nashville, TN, USA.


The CyberViz laboratory provides an excellent research and education environment through seminars, mentoring, and labs and test beds, which attract many PhD, master and undergraduate students to pursue rigorous research.

Support & Acknowledgements

The previous and current research in the CyberViz laboratory has been supported in part by NSF, DHS, DOE, AFRL, TBR, and TSU.

NSF US Department of Homeland Security Department of Energy Air Force Research LaboratoryState University & Community College System of Tennessee